English-Speaking Guide in Kyiv

Maxim Achkasov

Explore some of the most popular and interesting places of Kiev on a 3-hour private walking tour with an English speaking local guide.

Together we will look at the Golden Gate, which was the main entrance to Kiev in the 11th century;

- Speak about a dramatic story of the monument dedicated to the Persian cat;

- Walk through the former central street of Kiev;

- Look at the Monument to the defenders of the frontiers of the motherland;

- And an interesting installation called "Hedgehog in the Fog";

- Will have the chance to photograph the ornaments of Brama Zaborovsʹkoho;

- Will see the iconic and one of the city's best known landmarks - St. Sophia’s Cathedral, which is a good example of Byzantine and Ukrainian Baroque architecture;

- Then we will see a famous Hetman Bohdan Khmelnitskiy monument;

- Visit magnificent St. Michael’s Golden Domed Cathedral and briefly learn the history of this sight;

- Then we will have the possibility to learn some basic facts about the monument to Princess Olga, Cyril and Methodius, and Apostle Andrew at Mikhailovskaya square;

- Of course we won’t ignore an example of grandiose Soviet era architecture, the columned Foreign Ministry building;

- Walk through the vibrant Desyatinna street;

- Look at the building which was originally built by the wealthy sugar baron, Vasil Simirenko, and where the British Embassy is now in;

- Won’t miss the installation “Nis Hoholya” on one of the wall of the street and the monument to Pronya Prokofyevna and Golokhvastov;

- Pay some special attention to the pearl of tour - St. Andrew’s Church, which is considered by many to be the cradle of Kiev;

- And have a chance to buy pretty amazing hand-made souvenirs;

- We will also look at the place where the Church of the Tithes was located, which is believed to have been the first stone church in Kiev;

- At the end of the tour we will enjoy a pleasant walk through a picturesque modern park, the Landscape Alley with a beautiful playground and statues.